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Bottles of Wine
Let's Wine About It

Wine is consumed on many various occasions or daily by some, but what is the quality of that wine that is chosen to consume?

Using classification techniques on the chemical make up of the wine and the experts quality score, different varieties of wines are examined to predict the quality that a wine would receive based on these attributes. 

White Cars
Marketing That "Drives" Sales

The automotive industry is very competitive when it comes to marketing their brand, makes and models, and monthly incentives. 

Taking into consideration all of the marketing tactics and channels that are available, what advertising drives new vehicle sales and what drives used vehicle sales. The following case study explores all marketing tactics and which ones have the most impact on unit sales. 

Round Building
Hyatt Hotels Net Promoter Scores

With over 210 hotels in 43 countries, the Hyatt Corporation is a leader in the hotelier and resort industry. Being one of the major hotel chains in the world, Hyatt is concerned with making sure that the guest that stays at one of their hotels is delivered a distinctive experience and will recommend their hotel to others.

This project will analyze those guest surveys and the likelihood that a guest would recommend a Hyatt Corporation property.

Cogs in the Machine
It's All About Your Process

Businesses value themselves on being productive and efficient, but sometimes these processes need to be evaluated and adjusted to ensure the highest quality of efficiency. 

This project using Sigma Quality to test the before and after efficiency of a process

Security Guard
"The Individual" Perspective of Rights

“For human rights to have any meaning, it is therefore essential for someone to be responsible for that data are used” (Buttarelli 2).

The following paper discusses the importance of individual rights considering the internet and personal information that is collected by businesses and their worldwide practices. 

Businessmen with Umbrellas
Importance of Information

In times of disaster, many people’s lives are impacted in more ways than one can image. The local news stations are the first places that people turn to for information regarding their areas and the impacts they will endure.

Electronic Circuit
Promotional Consideration Database

This database was created on a corporate scale to house information based on the input of different requests for promotional considerations. 


When an organization makes a request for an event, details of the event are noted, as well as, information for the partnership. There is a need for organization of the submissions for partnerships that are received.

Virtual Reality Goggles
Exactly How Helpful Are Reviews? is a place where many people go to shop for many different products. People often decide to make a purchase (online and offline) based on the reviews written about the products (and services) in which they are interested in. 

This analysis dives into reviews of electronic and exactly how helpful a review may be to a consumer. 

Image Classification: Protein Atlas

This image classification analyzes human proteins and predicts which proteins are more prominent. 

It also explores the differences of the proteins and the effects that it has within cells at predicting diseases and cancers.

Cheeseburger Close Up
Big Mac Index

Provided by The Economist and published annually since 1986, the Big Mac Index has the ability to see different country's purchasing power based on the price of the Big Mac. 

This analysis shows the variability among different exchange rates in developed and under developed countries, as well as the impact that culture has on the price of a Big Mac. 

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