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Here is a glimpse into my journey:

becoming a Data Scientist

Data Science is an interdisciplinary art form consisting of conceptualizing, analyzing, extrapolating, and visualizing insights to help make data driven decisions. It is the art of telling a story through the insights that the data gives us. 


Over the past eighteen months I have attended the iSchool at Syracuse University pursuing my Master's of Science in Applied Data Science. Over these months I have not only grown personally but also professionally. I have learned the many techniques for data collection, analyzing data with statistical methods, algorithms for testing hypothesizes,  communicating results, and how to make an impact on business decisions for better business practices. 

The projects section details the learning objectives and skills that I have acquired over my time spent in the Master's of Science of Applied Data Science program. All of the projects detail how the data was acquired, cleaned, analyzed, and the results. Many different techniques are used to organize and clean the data collected, as well as the use of vector machines, Naive Bayes algorithms, natural language processing, decision trees, etc. 

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